University of Wisconsin


  • Badger Prairie Needs Network - Systems Evaluation: Evaluate and recommend ERP system(s) or software(s) that BPNN could use for online ordering, inventory management, CRM, and volunteer management functions.

  • Badger Prairie Needs Network - Inventory Management: Design an inventory management system that works best for BPNN, given the constraints identified by the board members. Ensure that the system can cooperate with an online ordering system when it is implemented.

  • Second Harvest: To discover the current storage capacities of both perishable and nonperishable food, as well as staffing levels of both paid and volunteer workers at key partner agencies. To develop metrics to compare the storage capacities and staffing levels for the key partner agencies. To determine the challenges and opportunities for improvement at each partner agency, so that SHFB leadership can decide on how best to direct funding to prepare for increased demand.

  • Forward 4 Families: Finding quantifiable data that Forward4Familes could use in order to lift their business off the ground. By creating a cost-benefit analysis, they are able to analyze cost savings and select the appropriate target demographic in the months to come.