Arizona State University


  • Arizona Food Security Study/ Survey Project: To create a survey that will help identify the pain points of the farm to food bank supply chain in AZ. To conduct informational interviews with organizations fighting food insecurity. To visit food banks in Phoenix and understand their operational pain points after the Covid 19 pandemic.

  • SVDP Inventory Visibility - Perishables: To create a process map of the SVdP FRC operations. Save 15% perishable food from being salvaged. Help SVdP track its perishable inventory efficiently using expiry date. Generate reports in excel for analysis. Help cooks in deciding which food items to use efficiently on daily basis to reduce food wastage. Help cooks and employees of SVdP to locate where a food item is stored within the pantry.

  • Forks 4 Families/ Last Mile Logistics: To solidify a partnership with Feeding America’s United Food Bank in Mesa Arizona with help of United Food Bank CEO Dave Richins - This will be the main source of food to get family sized food boxes for the weekly drop offs. To prepare flyers, marketing materials and an opt-in program form to send out to the Roosevelt community to identify the demand. To trace demand back to 12 identified bus stops in the area which will act as the food drop off locations. To connect with a transportation provider willing to carry out the weekly distribution program (to pick up food from the food bank and drop it off at the identified bus stops weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm).

  • Native American Community Study: To analyse and measure food insecurity in native american reservations in AZ. To analyse and understand the current state of food distribution in native american reservations in AZ. To understand the needs of the native american tribes in AZ.

  • Milk dumping and School Distribution: Identify reasons for milk dumping and problems and constraints from Dairy Farmer’s point of view. Propose short term, medium-term and long term solutions. Evaluate economic feasibility of conversion of milk to dry milk.

  • Regional Food Bank Mapping Directory: Create a directory of the food banks, pantries and summer meal sites across Arizona. Create a visual map of the sites using Tableau. To find underserved areas in Arizona. To visually analyze meal sites. Utilize directory as contact resource.

  • Operation Barbecue Relief: To understand how OBR managed to keep their meals at a constant $4 per meal. To determine if there were any lessons to be learned from how OBR deployed. To see if a model similar to that used by OBR could be implemented on a larger scale.

  • Feeding America Cold Storage & Transportation Capacity Analysis: The purpose of this project was to determine the optimal locations for distribution centers (DCs) around the 18 counties that Second Harvest of East Tennessee serves. This project will assess the costs and benefits of relocating or adding DCs.

  • Feeding America Cold Storage & Transportation Capacity Analysis (in progress)

  • Brookline Food Pantry (in progress)