• Repositrak: Map the transaction process on the FoodSourceUSA platform. Identify and manage bottlenecks in the transaction process on FoodSourceUSA. Increase adoption of and drive food bank engagement in FoodSourceUSA. Evaluate various e-commerce platforms and technologies in the food supply chain that meet the needs of food banks.

  • MealConnect Marketing Script: The purpose of this project was to determine the optimal locations for distribution centers (DCs) around the 18 counties that Second Harvest of East Tennessee serves. This project will assess the costs and benefits of relocating or adding DCs.

  • Feeding America Marketing Script: The purpose of this project was to develop a marketing script that could be sent to food producers. The goal of this script was to increase the amount of food producers on Feeding America’s Mealconnect platform.

  • US Food Insecurity Research: Food insecurity pre-covid and during, food bank operations, new technologies, impact on food banks, and FSCC impacts.